Mindfulness-Based Emotional Processing Workshop Description


Mindfulness-Based Emotional Processing (MBEP) is a mindful, body-centered approach to activating intrinsic emotional processing in the brain. The processing is activated and maintained by the client’s and the therapist’s mindful, Felt-Sense Attention upon the client’s  somatic experience. The client’s emotional processing is enabled, focused, and supported through the attuned relational connection between the therapist and the client. A focus on tender, compassionate awareness creates a special quality of attention which  helps to activate the healing process. MBEP is a practical, useful method for  initiating and promoting essential emotional processing. It can easily be incorporated into any therapeutic modality.

MBEP is based upon the interaction between focused attention and internal experience: Where attention goes, energy gathers; where energy goes, experience unfolds. The mindful attentional focus of Felt-Sense Attention originates in, and is regulated by, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Felt-Sense Attention focuses awareness on the body’s somatic, sensory experience. It serves to activate right-hemisphere limbic processes related to emotional memory, body awareness, attunement, and affective experience.

Training workshop Objectives:

  • Learn the psychodynamic and neurobiological foundations of MBEP
  • Develop the skills for focusing and supporting Felt Sense Attention
  • Apply the elements of attuned relationship with clients
  • Learn the somatic markers of emotional processing
  • Apply the principles of mindfulness to emotional processing
  • Supporting the witnessing function
  • Learn how to support the client’s unfolding emotional processing
  • Using MBEP for strengthening client resources
  • Support integration of right-brain with left-brain processing
  • Incorporate MBEP into the flow of your therapeutic approach

Outline of the MBEP training

Day 1

  • Experiential introduction to MBEP
  • Basic Neurobiology of MBEP
  • Right-hemisphere vs. left-hemisphere functions in the healing process
  • Attachment & Attunement: supporting the client to allow deep emotional processing
  • Mindfulness & Felt Sense Attention
  • Mindfulness in emotional processing
  • Practicum in MBEP
  • Questions & discussion

Day 2

  • Resourcing with MBEP, practicum
  • Practicum in MBEP
  • Questions & discussion
  • Titrating the level of stimulation in MBEP
  • Supporting the client’s unfolding emotional processing
  • Integrating right-hemisphere and left-hemisphere processing
  • MBEP practicum, discussion
  • Incorporating MBEP into the therapeutic flow